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Toad Islet

Among hundreds of islets in different shapes and sizes, Con Coc Islet (Toad Islet) is one of the most outstanding and magnificent natural creations in the southeast of Ha Long Bay.

Toad Islet is approximately 9 meters high above the sea level and acquires the name from its form resembling a giant toad looking up to the sky in the middle of the tranquil water of the bay.

Each islet in Ha Long Bay often comes with many stories behind and Toad Islet is not an exception. A well-known Vietnamese legend tells the story of a toad which overcame all hardships to come to heaven and meet the God to ask for rain when severe drought was threatening the lives of all species on earth. This has explained the natural phenomenon of rain following the croaking of toads and this sign used to help Vietnamese farmers to predict weather in the past.

No one knows exactly how long the Toad Islet has been standing there; through time it has become the symbol of Halong Bay that no travelers want to miss out when cruising through the bay.