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Teapot Islet

Bai Tu Long bay is famous for its many limestone and schist formation after million years of tectonic activity. The beautiful bay is dotted with many beautiful island and islet sculptured by sea and wind in various strange shapes. One of the famous isle in the area is the Teapot islet.

Teapot islet is located in Bai Tu Long Bay area, on the way to Quan Lan - Ngoc Vung. The islet is very near to the island system in Halong bay; and it contributes to a feat of scenic beauty in the bay, bringing many different feeling when visiting Halong Bay.

Teapot islet is an islet floating on blue water surface. The name is originated from its shape like a teapot which is such an important item in Vietnam traditional family. Legend has it that this is the teapot of Jade Emperor accidentally fell into the sea of Ha Long when he passed by. The handle of the teapot was broken, and got lost under the deep sea while the main pot remains. It is then kept and preserved to this day. The erosive impact of time on the islet has slowly shaped the limestone, affectionately named like an important item by the locals.