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Monsterhead Islet

All islets and island in Bai Tu Long Bay area are named with rustic feel, reflecting the simple lifestyle led by the locals in the bay. The locals named all these limestone structure based on their shapes and sizes that most closely relate to them. And there is nothing more literal than Monster Head Islet. The islet is located right at the middle of Bai Tu Long Bay, on the water way to Quan Lan Island. The Monster Head Islet is about 20 minute’s boat ride away from teapot islet.

Monster Head Islet is approximately 30-35m high. It ‘grows’ straight from the blue surface of the bay as if a sea monster rising from the deep sea and gets frozen in time. The tectonic activity as well as the erosive action of wind and salty water has slowly sculptured the limestone surface, turning it into a bizarre and scary face. From every angle, the islet looks intimidating and scary.