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Drum & Virgin Cave

The Drum Cave (Hang Trong) and the Virgin Cave (Hang Trinh Nu) are situated on Bo Hon Island, 15km south of Bai Chay Beach, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Two caves are just 600 to 700 metres apart from each other. These two grottos are not only the miraculous and wonderful karst formations, but also the symbols of romantic and tragic love story.

There are a numerous of astonishing stalagmites and stupendous stalactites inside these caves. In Virgin Cave, one will find a stone shaped like a lying-girl statue who is looking into the far away distant and waiting for her lover. In the opposite side of Virgin Cave, Drum Cave has a stone shaped like a boy who is turning his face toward the Virgin Cave and looking for the woman he loves.

Referring to the names of these caves, they are both derived from the love legend of the couple who are supposed to be with each other but torn apart at the end. The cave has been called Virgin because the girl was faithful to her lover until her last breath after being exhausted looking for him. The other cave named Drum because the screaming voice of the boy who was calling his lover ceaselessly, but his calls were driven away by the wind, then he used a stone to dam it into another to let her know he was right here until his hands pouring blood. Unfortunately, she cannot hear them and they cannot be with each other.

The story began when the girl’s family was so poor that they had to give their daughter to a rich administrator of the fishing zone as a concubine. However, the girl refused to marry that rich old man, then she was committed suicide and transformed into a lonely cave. She had to suffer from hunger and isolation. At that time, upon hearing the girl being at risk, her lover risked his life for a fortune, went into a long cruise to search for her. The boy finally got lost in a grotto nearby her place and called his lover in vain. At last, they both became exhausted and turned stone while still being apart.

Nowadays, these two caves are the ideal places for the fishermen resting after hard-working days and the sacred places for lovers taking their oath of love. Additionally, as the water flow here is so quiet that tourists can explore by kayak. Some tours even set up fully catered meals with banquet tables in the caves.