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Dong Tien Cave

Dong Tien has a cave-like structure, the bottom of the cave is not much higher than sea level. The entrance is below the water surface, thus it was raised for ease of entering which can only fit one person at a time. Unlike all the other caves in Halong Bay, Dong Tien cave still has many relics of the cave floor hanging on wall side. It has the form of a "loft", with many floor on top of each other. According to scientists, the ground of the cave is made of CaCO3 with the under layer being eroded by groundwater flowing for thousands of years.

From the second compartment of Dong Tien cave, there are two doors to a lake, surrounded by limestone. In essence this is a karst funnel has flooded the bottom. It is a kind of special ecological environment, isolated from but still connected the sea by underground cave systems in limestone fissures. As such, there is often unique ecosystems, which may include many endemic species. The tourism board has not allowed to bring tourists into the cave. This has helped to keep the cave stalactites in its natural state. The stalactites blocks here seem to fully display his mysterious glitter. Millions of calcite crystals magically light up when light shines light on.